Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Baby is 10 Years Old, Yikes ...

Where did the time go!

Madison turned 10 years old on Sunday the 28th of July. Our beautiful girl is growing up fast and never ceases to amaze us with her ability to conquer this crazy old world we live in.

This was the first time that we were on our own. Me, Adam, Jaimee and Madison I mean, for one of our girls birthdays. It was very different but I can tell you Madison enjoyed her Birthday very much.

Actually, she preferred it to be just the four of us. It's a crowd thing. The night before she was very worried about who would be at home for her birthday. So she was quite relieved and satisfied that her 10th Birthday would be a small occasion, just us.

Auntie Bek and Little Scarlett came and visited the day after with many prizes, which she loved. Nanna & Grandma Dianne had a lovely phone call from Gloucester and something special arrived by post. Grandma & Pop Goad came for a visit the following week with another surprise.

Auntie Bek & Madison


The loot and two Gf Df Chocolate Timtams :)

Scarlett showing Uncle Ad how to play and sing Happy Birthday!

The two Reds together, gorgeous girls. 

Scarlett helping Jaimee with her home work.

We also had a Birthday party at school with Madisons class mates which was cool and Auntie Bek got to come along as well as Daddy. It was the first time daddy had been home for Madison's B'day in two years. That is the sucky part of fly in and fly out work.

Each year I take cupcakes and a pass the parcel to Madison's school so she can have a bit of a party with friends in her class. She doesn't have any out of school friends except for family really. So this is nice and that way she gets to have many surprises.

Actually I was stoked that the class next door came too as her friend Slayde was then able to come. Madison and Slayde have been class mates since they both started school, this is there 5th year at Nambour Special School. For some reason this year they where put in different classes much to the despair of the two mothers, me and Louise. I loved seeing him, as he was really excited and telling everyone how it was Madison's Birthday, it made it so special.

When we arrived Madison was sitting quietly at the table with some girls painting a Happy Birthday sign for the party, so beautiful. With in 5 minutes though it all went a little haywire. One of her class mates is pretty unpredictable and does a lot of noisey sounds that Madison really really does not love. So when this happened Madison let out a massive ear piercing scream that would make anyone's blood curdle and then kind of tried to pounce on him with her cat claws out ready to swipe but luckily Miss Andy got between them first, phew and double phew.

Then Madison went one way and this little one went out the door. I found Madison in the store room with a bucket on her head trying to get away from all the noise and the whole drama that had just unfolded. It was a little hard not to giggle & smile at the sight of the bucket, anyway I eventually got her to come back out for pass the parcel, poor kid. Again she did really well as there are 12 kids including Madison and she had to wait right till the end for her turn. I tell you, she did look mighty deflated towards the end but the prize was worth it.

My sister cracked up when I told her they were actually cat toys. Seriously they ticked all the sensory boxes and I knew Madison was going to love it. All the kids did, the where like a puppet on a string with dangly legs, ribbons and bells, cats, dogs, birds and mice. Madison got a blue mouse, stoked cause that was the one I secretly wished she would get, haha. They played musical freeze with them which was fun to watch.

We did the cup cakes and sang Happy Birthday then Madison was ready for home. We where there for an hour so I thought we did pretty good considering I thought we might have been leaving in the first 10 minutes. Any time I go up to the school Madison instantly thinks she is coming home with me in the car. So usually I go for all the fun stuff like sports and market days and I don't really get the opportunity just to go watch normal everyday events which is sad.

You can tell by the smile on her face she did enjoy her party, so a big thanks to Miss Andy & Miss Tracey and the other staff and of course the kids, they are awesome.

Trying to get Miss Madison to wait to blow out the candle so we can sing to her.

She is a bit tricksy!!

Miss Andy and Madison dancing with the puppet.

Everyone dancing and playing the freeze game.

As the weather wasn't so good  on her actual Birthday the vote was for Underwater World at Mooloolaba. We had a great morning out, we were only there for two hours and when Madison had had enough it was time to go. She loved it, so much to see and discover and of course, want to bring home!

I have a lot of photo's so hope you don't mind. We want to be able to share Madison Birthday with all our family and friends. Because really, she just didn't want anyone around and that's ok.

It was pretty hard for her to deal with all the humans at Underwater World but she managed fairly well. Waiting for the seal show was the hardest. The noise was incredible as it was very busy, it was getting to me after awhile too. Of course there was lots of the little type of humans too doing what they do, Madison was trying to avoid them all at any cost but in the end we were surrounded. Once the seal show started she was able to focus on that but it was even delayed because of naughty seals being naughty, love it!







McDonalds chippies on the way home, perfect!

Party time at home.

Madison has seen this card before and was making sure it stayed closed. It had Tassie devil inside as a pop up and he made lots of cake eating noise but I thought she would like it because of the Looney Toon theme song. Guessing not so much.

Testing out her new camera.


Well as you can see there was a slight mishap with the cake, cringe! Jaimee and I put it back together again like humpty dumpty and glued it with icing.

It was a very nice afternoon for a Birthday tea party.


This pic cracks me up, we are like the Griswalds off National Lampoons Vacation.

This was very cool, the girls had their photo taken with this cutie. Madison was so good she wasn't aloud to touch him let alone squeeze him. Amazing as always. I love how Jaimee has the school photo pose and she is pretty close with that stinky fishy fella, too cute.


Madison is our little ray of sunshine that brings us much love & happiness and brightens up our world everyday. She is truly destined for amazing things and great adventure in her life time and I'm just so grateful to be part of that adventure.
We love you to the moon and beyond baby girl, Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Funny Kind of few Weeks ...

It's been a funny kind of few week's here at home. By funny I mean that the girls and I have been really up and down with the emotions. Adam will be thanking his lucky star's he has missed it all.

So many drama's going on at the moment, my head is spinning and I really hope it's going to stop soon. The girl's are finding things really tricksey and stressful at both of their schools, this has been my main headache. I have had many conversations with teachers and meetings too, trying to work out a few issues and have more meetings to look forward to too.

Typical isn't it, the shit always hits the fan when Adam is away. Ad misses it all and I can even picture him sighing with relief and a little smirk on his face cause he has dodged another one!

My darling girls have been doing anything they can to avoid school. Not just the normal "I don't want to go" to school thing. It's much more intense, they are both very teary and sad and really dreading going to school everyday, that is every day!! In a way I don't blame them with the situation they are both in and I am now questioning whether I have them in the right schools or not. Not that there is anything wrong with these schools, we love these schools, it's just the circumstances have changed now.

There are plenty of other headaches but another one I have had is mainly the stories coming out of India from my dear husband. All the sad stories of the incredible poverty, crazy people waving machine guns in his face, water tanks on the Baldur been filled up with putrid water with dead rats in it, yep the boys have all been sick a few times and bloody Skype not working when we really need to talk to each other.

The past few weeks have been really tough though, normally I can cope fairly well and just get on with it. I guess we are in unknown waters at the moment so I'm tripping out just a bit. Not to worry though, we are getting back on track. Adam has been home for almost a week, can't believe it. Why is it that when he is away the time drags out and when he is home it seems to speed up? What's with that! 

The girls and I went to pick him up from Brisbane airport which was an adventure all on it's own. They both did great as we had an hour and a half wait till Daddy finally got through customs.

Jaimee was getting a little embarrassed that her sista set up camp on the floor while we waited. What ever makes the kid happy I say, so I just said to Jaimee "no one knows who we are so who cares"!! She was sort of ok with that.  

We moved from one side of the fence to the other to get just that bit closer to the doors trying to will Adam out. You wouldn't believe it but the little tv ran out of battery, "freak out", thank god for the big sista with an iPod.

First thing we had to do was stop at McDonalds so Adam could have his large big mac meal fix and Madison found a friend too.

We had a really late night, home by 10.45pm into bed about 12.30am, the girls were very excited to have their daddy home, me too. So after we got to check out all the treasures Ad had brought home from India we was ready for sleeping.

The next day Madison had it all planned out, she needed to fit in as much as she could with her dad just in case he went back to work. We took the Indy dog for a walk down to the park. Poor kid, wouldn't go anywhere near the play equipment as there were a lot of little people (under 5 year olds) there. So we sat and chatted to the ducks at the pond for awhile.

We then had to go op shopping, the kid is learning so fast. My little Madison was so desperate to get to the beach but we were all exhausted and the weather turned nasty. So we had a fair few meltdowns but that's ok.

Jaimee and her friend Connie, don't cha just love chics with scooters!

Love this Pic, Walking home!

It's so good to have Adam home! Even if he was a bit stinky from India :) Don't worry, the India smell is starting to wear off, haha!

We are heading off to Byron Bay tomorrow. A beach holiday for the girls, we are all so excited! Looking forward to some sunshine and a good book maybe even a glass of red.