Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Welcome to the World Baby Scarlett !

The little miracle baby has arrived!

“Scarlett Peyton Black”

My beautiful sister Bek and her lovely husband Clayton have been waiting for many many years (so have I and mum) for this little angel to arrive and arrive she did on the 27th of February early Sunday morning at 3.38am. This gorgeous little girl weighed 3.2 kg and measured 54.5cm long on her arrival. She has the longest little legs and I’m sure it was the nurse who called out she has red hair too, much to mum’s delight!!

Little miss Scarlett has got to be one of the most beautiful baby’s I have ever seen, apart from my own two little darlings, of course! Not monkey like at all. I was very blessed to have been apart of Bek’s labour and the birth of this little one. It was such an intense time and this little miracle baby made her mama work so very hard so she could meet us all.

There is so much to remember and share about this wonderful moment in time. So I thought I’d list them for you, you know how I love my lists.

Anyway here we go:

Bek in Labour 5.00am 26th Feb

Bek takes mum in to town to a doctors appointment.

Clayton rings and says Beks in labour but we aren’t telling mum so that she will go to her doctors’ appointment. Conspiracy or what!

Bek & Clay arrive at hospital 1.00pm

Mum gets there at 2.00 and I get there at 2.30pm, after waiting for my husband to get home from a surf, arghhh.

Bek trying to get comfortable, not!

Trying out the gas.

Hot packs

Shower, Gym ball, Funny horse shoe chair and mum’s feet getting wet, hehe.

Midwives, doctors and anaesthetists popping in and out all the time.

Were having a baby!

Red Frogs and Lime & Pepper Chips – Yum

Still in the shower Red like a lobster, heat helping with contractions.

Exhaustion setting in.

Out of shower baby monitor on.

Big sadness at 5.30, only 1cm dilated and it’s been 12 hours.

Morphin at 6.00, little bit of rest in between

Back in the shower.

Bek is starving, not eaten all day, sandwiches between gas and contractions. After the contractions we’d have to remind her to eat cause she was a little bit out there with the good stuff!!

Most horrible encounter with one of the anaesthetist.

*Now I promised myself that I would not get angry when I wrote this part but I can already feel myself getting furious. I won’t go into to much detail but this so called anaesthetist who is supposed to be a professional just wasn’t.

“Richard the Dick” as I call him, had absolutely no respect for Rebekah. Bek, she was pretty much one of these cases that was in his to hard basket and to cover up his own incompetence decided he would act like a dick.

Seriously, all Bek needed was for some anaesthetist most likely getting off on his own private stash to come in while she is in the middle of labour and act like he is god! And of all places the shower.

While he was on his own little rant and Bek would have a contraction, he would stop and say “oh go on you have your contraction then” like she was interrupting his time. Damn right she’ll have her contraction. Who the hell did this man think he is, Bek sure didn’t need his attitude.

I looked over at Clay and he had is hands clenched tightly together and it wouldn’t have taken much for Clay to put this guy on is arse. I would have loved to have seen that. I did actually visualise myself snotting the guy in the face, it made me feel a bit better.

It made me so mad, my little sister had been doing this now for 15 hour and it wasn’t good for her to be upset and angry or for the baby. In the end the other anaesthetist (the nice one) two midwives and my mum all came into the bathroom and the Dick stopped his badgering.

This was Bek’s time, her labour, the birth of her first child, how dare he spoil it for her.

I tell ya, FURIOUS!!!   We will continue…….

Bek having a moment, rambling, pretty funny stuff. Talking to her self and saying “ I just don’t have the energy to tell em off”

Mum and I cracking up!! It’s one of those, you had to be there kind of a thing.

Best Hamburger ever – Clayton went and got us some dinner from over the road, it was like an old style with beetroot, Awesome!

Bad hospital cups of tea - mum did bring her special triangle earl gray but I think it’s the Styrofoam cups that spoilt it. Nice try though mum!

10.30, only 3cm dilated, decision made to break the membranes.

Holy crap, it gets really full on from here.

Contractions much more intense now, really painful and really strong.

11.45 trying to decide on which kind of pain relief, epidural please. But not from Richard the Dick.

Horrid contractions.

12.45 Finally the epidural kicks in. From the nice one!

Bek able to rest, thank you god.

1.30 Clay snoring in the corner, ahahahaha.

Baby’s heart rate doing crazy stuff, getting anxious now.

Getting ready for Lacto test, Stirrups, bright lights & glamour oh my!

1.45 Lacto test, to check if we need to get ready for theatre. They clip a piece of skin off the baby’s scalp to measure the lactic acid.

1st test normal, this is so so intense. Doctor gives a few options and what our plan will be in certain circumstances.

Bek getting prepped for theatre, just in case.

Clay still snoring.

2.00 Babys heart rate still going crazy

Clays up

2nd Lacto test, not good, did another one just to be sure even worse than the 1st

Baby well and truly in distress and we’ve got ½ hour to get the little one out.

Tanya (obstetrician) so calm and Bek is able to go with the vaccum so here we go. It’s time.

This is full on, the room filled up with people, midwives, baby doctors, and specialist. Mum and I got our spot in the corner and Clay with his beautiful bride.

This next part was very surreal and seemed like it happened really fast.

The vacuum came off part way through and all the smeg went flying over the obstetrician, uh oh, hehehe, must be part of the trade.

My heart sank, dreading what little ones head would be like but Tanya was amazing and she had this incredibly soothing voice and so in control for someone who had been smegged.

Finally baby was born at 3.38 am 27th Feb 2011

They put her on Beks tummy for a couple of seconds while Clayton cuts the cord and I’m taking the photos, that was my important job and I was trying not to get it wrong.

This is amazing and really bloody scary!!!

She was so floppy and wasn’t making any noises, the baby doctors took over and they had to resuscitated and then put the tube down her throat with the suction. They then rubbed her all over with a towel to make her nice and pink while giving her oxygen.

Hello World, I'm here!

Intense would be the word.

Then when the baby doctor was happy for the moment and this most beautiful little angel came back to her mama’s arms and had us all in awe of her.

Little Angel!

These little wide eyes just looking all around at the new world.

Bek, Clayton and beautiful baby girl, a new family, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.

It was less than 10 minutes and the little angel was whisked off to the special care unit.

We were all so excited, it didn’t matter anymore how exhausted we were.

A fair amount of time had passed and we hadn’t been moved to a ward and baby Black hadn’t come back so Clayton went on a mission to find his baby girl and see how she was. When he returned back he said she was doing ok and they were still observing her at the special care unit. So we tried to shut our eyes for a minute or two, then one of the nurses rolled in with the bassinet with the beautiful Baby Scarlett.

All I remember is Bek with Clayton holding on to this precious little bundle and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him and he could take his away from her and the tears were rolling down his cheeks. Just beautiful.

Mummy, Daddy & Me!

Then it was time for me to go and let them enjoy their new baby girl. When I walked outside it was a fabulous day, gorgeous sunrise and I had all of these overwhelming mix of emotions. I was teary and felt like crying but I was too happy at the same time.

I also made it home just in time before Madison woke up, thank goodness because that could have been a bit tricky.

I am so proud of my little sister, she is an amazingly strong woman and I am so very very happy for Bek and Clayton.

It’s so weird, I have never thought of her that way, as a woman I mean, only ever as my little sister, how funny!

Bek’s pregnancy has not been a very easy one, a lot of medical issues and a fair bit of pain, well a lot of pain at times. Even with the labour we weren’t sure how that was going to go down.

So to see Bek and Clayton with this beautiful child, all that they have dreamed for, for such a long time. A little family of their own. It was definitely a spellbinding moment; you couldn’t help but feel so many different emotions and get the goose bumps too.

So the little miracle has arrived and with a name like Scarlett Peyton this girl is sure to be a star and I am positive she will make an everlasting impression where ever she goes and with who ever she meets.

So look out Clayton, your baby girl is going to be breaking hearts and melting them too. 

Grandma seems to think that Scarlett, when she is old enough will have her own signature saying…..

“Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”

I believe it too and I seriously can’t wait till then. I know Grandma will be secretly coaching her on the side because that’s what grandma’s do!! If you haven’t guessed, one of my little sister favourite character’s would have to be Scarlett O’Hara out of Gone with the Wind.

This will be one of my most cherished memories that I will keep close to my heart forever and I am truly grateful to have seen our little miracle being born into this big crazy world of ours.

Welcome to the world

Little Baby Scarlett 



  1. Steph,
    That was just so beautiful... I have tears!
    Much love to all!

  2. Thanks Jacq, I just re read it and me too! x