Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Grade 8 Class Representative
Jaimee 12 years of age

It was an exciting day for the J girl yesterday. She received her badge at assembly for grade 8 class representative. Although I have a feeling I may have been the excited one. I was getting mixed messages about whether or not it was the done thing for the parents to go to the senior school assembly. Her words “No other parents ever go but you can come if you want” in a flat tone but emphasis on the EVER.

So I went.

With the promise of not whoohooing to loudly! I did stand up and take photos though much to the dismay of the red head, only because her friends all turned around and looked at me and saying “is that ya mum”. And I clapped really really loud J, secretly I think she loves it when I do the silly mum stuff! Ad is always teasing her and threatens to walk around the house in his orange undies when her friends are over. You should see her face!

We love to stir the kid up, hehe!

Doctor Hurley and Mr Irvine presenting Jaimee with her badge

Ad and I can never quite work out how have been blessed by this wonderful kid. See, we were both ratbags when we where at high school, well a lot of the time we weren’t at school. Apparently Ad would hitchhike to the beach and go surfing and my friends and I would just hang out at whoever’s parents were at work or go to the mall. Don’t tell my mum though, don’t think she knows, yet!

Bek, my little sister, would get hassled by the teachers all the time asking where I was. In the end I think they gave up but then that thing happens. You know, when the oldest child in the family wrecks it for the younger siblings. Bek use to get “oh your Stephanie Roberts’s sister”. She did survive though unscathed and hopefully not scarred for life.

So with all that Jaimee is coping with on a daily bases, her Pdd-Nos, Ocd and anxiety she manages to excel in all that she does. She is very academic and loves her maths and science, has the respect of her peers and her school. She is confident, kind hearted, polite, very caring, helpful, loves her family, friends and the support network that surrounds her. Did I mention a crazy crazy sense of humour and quick witted. Ok, I think you get the picture.  

She just blows us away!

That’s a funny thing to say when you have two very literally thinker’s in the house, haha!

We are so proud of our sweet, caring and clever girl. Ad and I know she is destined for great things in life so look out world she is growing up way to fast and she will leave her mark.

Till next time





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