Sunday, 24 March 2013

Home made Damper, Yum!!

Jaimee and I made homemade Damper last weekend. We had run out of bread, oops, so we decided to have a go at making our own.

Didn’t quite turn out like a loaf of bread, it also did not last long on the cutting board. The smell was incredible and filled the whole house while it was baking. Even Adam came to investigate the kitchen to see what we were making!!

It felt so good to turn the TV off put on some music and hang out with my girl. It’s funny the conversations you have when your doing a task such as cooking together. Loved it, all the gossip from school came out, boy stuff, girl stuff and some very in-depth issues too. 

Best of all Jaimee tried what she had baked, a very hard thing for her to do as her OCD usually prevents her from trying any new foods. So proud of her and she wants to do it all again next weekend.

P.s It was a great way to get her off Face Book for a little while too, lol!



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