Sunday, 12 May 2013

It's Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

The things my mother taught me...

Always wear clean underwear, hehe, to be tolerant of others, patients is a virtue, have a open mind and an open heart, flexibility is key to everything, don't put all your eggs in one basket, or was that chicken's and if they don't like it who gives a damn!

What my Nanna has taught me...

Stick to your guns, be generous in all aspects of your life, stay strong, don't let anyone tell you it's over until your dead and don't let the bastards get you down!

My lovely mum, Dianne and my wonderful Nanna Janet.

This is what my Sista has taught me...

Say it how it is, don't give up or give in, do what you love to do, family and friends are essential and are to be treasured and valued, love is unconditional, who care's what other people think!

My awesome Sista Bek & me

I love the women in my life and will cherish them forever. xx

So this is how we did mother's day at our house...

Madison and me!

Madison trying to hide with my arm, is it working!!

Jaimee and me!
We get a little bit silly here!

Ewww, Madison always surprises you one way or another, haha!

Time to finish off the mother's day pressie. Madison needed me to make an extra trip to school because she was home with the croup and was so worried mummy wouldn't get her mother's day secret :( Only trouble is, she gave my secret to Adam because he had gone back to work and daddy needed a mother's day secret. Madison's quote "I love daddy on Mother's Day"! Bless her little cotton socks.

Daddy gets the cool love heart picture frame.
The modern artist look!

Again with that tormented artist look happening!

Madison painted this for me, yay! She had Mad painted on it and she said it's from Madi, I asked if she likes being called Madi and she said yes! I have always called her Madison, funny how you find out things. Again with the artist look, Bwaahhaa!
Jaimee with her creative look happening, not quite sure how to explain it, it's a bit like an Austin Powers look, oh behave :) !

My treasures.

My treasures and Ad's love heart because that's how Madison wanted it! Do you love my bowl Madison finished painting. Jaimee had got the sweet little vintage glass dish and soap roses at the mothers day stall at school. Love those stalls, it's always such fun to see what comes home with the girls.

Awesome art work and I love that my card has skulls on it!!

My card is very cool.

This is very cool, Madison has drawn Scrat and scrattie out of the movie Ice age and she has tried to write Madison and Jaimee but she has Chami. So cool.

Love my girls and another great day, thank you my little darlings for making my mothers day so special.



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