Friday, 17 May 2013

Up The Mountain ...

Every time Adam comes home from working away Madison always wants to go up the mountain. The one with the red flashing light! She will ask me everyday, a couple of times through the day, the week before daddy is due to come home.
It's her thing, well one of many but it has become a little bit of a regular event. The mountain being Mt Coolum. We have been up there quite a few times and I wont ever forget the first trek we did all together as a family. Best feeling to be out of the house and doing something as a family and Adam piggy backed Madison on the way down cause she was too tired:)
Photo courtesy of Above Photography
It is an outing we can go on together that doesn't usually involve crowds, loud noises, florescent bloody lights, overwhelming stinky smells, babies or little people under the age of 4 that might squeal, cry, scream, smell weird or get in her bubble (space), dogs and visually it is pretty calming.
We also don't have the added pressures that usually generally go with leaving the house. You know like people starring at us or watching Madison have a meltdown, Madison spitting, telling people to shut up, other stuff and there is a long list, Jaimee could tell you. Ad and I don't have to be on high alert or Madison patrol, well we are but not as intense.
We do get to relax while breathing in the ocean air and soaking up the tranquillity too. We get to unwind and get our sanity back, ha, sometimes!! That is definitely a plus in my book even if it is only a little bit of sanity, it all counts right!
The other place we love is the beach and this is somewhere we are able to really kick back and watch the girls have fun. Best thing is both of these activities are just around the corner from home and are free. Win Win, I'd say!!
You can see the track in the photo of Mt Coolum and you walk right up to the top to the red flashing light. You can't really see it in that pic but Madison knows where the red light is, it's for the planes as the airport is just off to the left and our old house was off to the right about 2 minutes drive away.


The girls at the start of our trek and notice the NO dogs allowed sign :)

Ever since we started walking this track we always will stop at the Gruffalo tree. The Gruffalo is one of Madison's favourite books & movies. When I had spotted this tree I thought I'd make it fun and a bit of an adventure. So now each time we come she will check to see if the Gruffalo is home or not!

On that first trek the gorgeous kid told us the Gruffalo story from start to finish and then it was stuck on replay till we got back to the car. She is a very good story teller too, very animated and exactly like the movie funny enough.

Hello, are you in there Mr Gruffalo?

Hmm can't see him!

Posing because that's what Madison loves to do :)
Maybe he is out walking.
I looked mum but he wasn't home!
No Gruffalo in his house. Think he has gone for lunch with the mouse. 

Stopping for a rest but Madison needs to have a snuggle with her big sista!

Jaimee looking so over joyed with happiness, she gets this all the time, lucky for us I say!!

Bit of a squeeze and then off we go.

Half way up and time for a drink break.

It's nice to be out in the sunshine!
Looking down on the old Hyatt golf course.

Ready to go again!

Madison likes to be the leader.
The J girl & me.

It's hard work climbing mountains.

Well there was no sign of that Gruffalo but we sure enjoyed our adventure out.
This trek we did in early April hence the red faces as it was still very warm weather then. Five and a bit weeks and counting till dad gets home, we will be back then to see if that Gruffalo is home! 
A gruffalo, What's a gruffalo ?
A gruffalo! Why, didn't you know?
"He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws"
"He has knobbly knees, and turned out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose"
"His eyes are orange, his tongue is black; He has purple prickles all over his back"

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