Monday, 20 May 2013

Our Little Mermaids ...

I love these photo's of our little mermaids.
Madison is so much more comfortable under the water then above it.
Happy so Happy!

Madison seems so natural and peaceful under the water, maybe she was meant to be a Mermaid. Adam chose her name. It was out of the movie Splash, back in 1984 if anyone remembers, with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. She was also born under water, as I had a water birth with this beautiful little mermaid.

Jaimee has always loved the water too!

Jaimee told me today that Madison probably likes it so much because it blocks out all the noise. Madison has been having lots of issues lately with noise. Always has had problems with certain noises and sounds but it seems to be getting more and more intense for her as she is getting older. 

That Jaimee, she is a bit clever!!

I think Jaimee was in one of her mischievous comical moods and playing up for the camera, Haha!! She doesn't seem to have that look of serenity happening!
We have a friend who has this amazing swimming pool with a glass panel in the side wall, so cool!! The girls thought it was awesome, me too!
A swimming pool has always been on our wish list. One day, not sure I could handle the consequences that go with it, as in the meltdowns that would occur, the kid would want to be in it 24/7.
Love my water babies.

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