Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Daddy's Birthday

It was the Daddy's Birthday yesterday!

Happy birthday Adam!

It's was a good day. We ventured out in the rain for a nice lunch at the Noosa marina for fish and chips.

Mind you it was rather quick as Madison was in fine form and feeling much better after the week of croup! A few in appropriate things but you know, we just go with the flow. You probably don't want details but a little bit icky and a lot funny! Very nice calamari too!

Trying to fit us all in to the photo!

The kid is very cheeky, got to watch her as she will give you a little nip every now and then.

Being silly with Dad!

Love my sista!

Madison is always the poser, ha!

Madison asleep on the way home and Jaimee holding her hand looking after the little one, so sweet!
We took a chance and went to the markets earlier in the morning. Madison is really into the shopping thing now and she wants to go all the time! There were so many dogs, the kid was in heaven. I was so tempted to take photo's of all the dogs and make a little book for her, maybe I'll get brave and ask the owners next time :)

Look what Madison found at the markets, perfect!

Very cool books for madison to draw in.
Love this and had to take a photo, it was sold much to Ad's delight!

India tomorrow, wild turkeys now:)

Snuggles with dad!


 Ad got his new j-dub fins for his punt, well he cheated and got them a week ago but he is happy.

One more year till the big 40, damn you are good lookin babe for your age!

Love you Babe, Happy Birthday x


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