Thursday, 25 April 2013

Another Wobbly Tooth...

Madison came home from school on Tuesday with, yet again, another wobbly tooth. She was already missing the three she had removed when she was at the hospital. Then she had another wobbly tooth when we were on our holiday! So this one makes gap number five, yikes! Lookin just a we bit hillbillyish, haha, but super cute.

Making sure the tooth is as safe as can be so that the tooth fairy will find it easily.

Madison is now content at the placing of the precious deposit.
This beautiful girl did have the tooth fairy up very very late waiting for her to fall asleep! The things fairies do.
There was a, mummy, mummy, mummy coming from her bedroom from 5.30 am at 30 second intervals. I did try my hardest to put her off as long as I could without going insane but the little monkey only got louder. So I'm up at 6.00am, and I was thinking she only wanted me to say it was ok for her to go on the computer, as she does every morning. When I arrived she was so excited about the tooth fairy she hadn't even looked under her pillow yet.

God she is cute!!

I did feel a pang of guilt from not getting out of bed earlier but that didn't last to long. I think it may of been my tiredness that let the guilt subside rather rapidly.

The look of satisfaction on her face was priceless when she found her gold treasure. Yes, that tooth fairy must be from Beverly Hills because apparently this fairy only brings gold and there must be two pieces of gold under the pillow.
The piggy bank was there waiting patiently to be fed but we did have to go show daddy first, much to his delight, bwaahaa!

Ad did put on his "oh my god the tooth fairy has been" face bless him but then it was back to sleep. The little piggy finally got fed and then it was time for a cup of tea for me. Fairy's job done.




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