Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Escaped ...

This morning I escaped !!!
I was thinking how lovely it would be to go and explore the markets at Yandina, I hadn't been for such a long time. Usually if it's a family affair it always turns out to be really rushed and one of us has to have a hold of Madison at all times. Then there is the thing about the dogs. People always take their dogs there and Madison just want's to love them all up and then bring them home.
So it was stuck in my head then, the markets that is. I had a debate with myself, I do have washing and I should be cleaning up some things to put on ebay or gumtree. Then I was thinking Ad is happy there is no surf (well not really happy), Jaimee wont know she is asleep and Madison was all giggly on the computer, so there really wasn't any thing to put a stop to me going.
I was up early, showered, cup of tea'd and had Madison sorted. No waves for Ad and there was no stirring from Jaimee. I whispered to Ad, I'm off to the markets and high tailed it out of there before there could be any buts or what abouts. It was only 7.00 o'clock :)  I did have a big smile on my face as I drove out of the drive way, Freedom!!!
This is the Yandina Markets
Gardeners Dream

Home grown Fruit and Vegies

Aromatic Spices & Herbs

Found this on the way out, thought it was so Classic

Old Homestead

Heading back home towards Coolum

Mount Ninderry

Other side of Mount Ninderry

Sugar Cane Fields

I am not very good at just looking! Here are all my treasures that I found.

For Madison

I love dollies, so beautiful!


Vintage Tea towels

Love these, silver servers.

Wonderful 1940's picture book

So sweet, I feel a project coming on :)
I had such a wonderful morning out in the fresh air and sunshine. I love going to markets and people watching, seeing all the amazing fresh produce, the plant stalls, the bric a brac and finding treasures!!!
It was so nice to wander about at my own pace feeling relaxed and not having that belly tightening feeling of being on Madison watch. 
Sometimes a little bit of me time can rejuvenate the mind, body and soul!
I am still smiling too.


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