Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My girls on a Sunday afternoon.

My darling sweet Jaimee is not well, high temp and a sore throat that hurts to much to talk or even go on Minecraft or Wizard 101 or Facebook :(

Yikes, she must be really not well, for real!! It's not lookin good for the next few days. At least this girl I can get to take some kind of pain relief.

Madison has had a nice relaxing day, which means we all have too, yay for a rare relaxing day! I did discover that we had a little mouse in a hoodie hiding in her bedroom though.

The kid is too funny and just way too cute. I did think she might have been Pepe le Pew, one of Madisons favourite characters, as she had very detailed curly whiskers which looked more like a moustache, haha! Once again, I am glad it wasn't a permanent marker.

Adam had in the past made the mistake of giving Madison a black texta, which was in fact a permanent maker. Anything to prevent a meltdown while mummy is out.

Anyway, Madison has a thing for black pens and textas. She went through a faze of those being her only choice when doing her drawings. I always have back ups in the cupboard now. Let's just say that wasn't a fun afternoon when I arrived home. Her doona cover still wears the scars, its a favourite with a big picture of a pug on it so there was no getting rid of it.

Madison putting on her best mouse pose.

So here's to lazy Sunday afternoon. May they happen more frequently!


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