Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Autism Awareness Month…

Today is the 2nd of April and it is the month of Autism awareness.

So I was watching the ABC news 24 morning show this morning and for Autism awareness they had a lady named Jo Cases on discussing her new book and the story of her family. Her son has Asperger syndrome.

To my utter shock the stupid lady host asked the most ridiculous question imaginable. Went something like, “Do you think Autism has become one of the trendy syndromes to have because it makes you stand out and be special”.


I can not remember the reporters exact words, I think I was waiting for the mother to punch her out. What the !! Far out some people are just stupid.

Its Autism awareness month so go get aware you idiot!

You would have thought this lady would have done a little research before she opened her mouth. Gosh some people are just so ignorant. I tell ya, I had steam pouring out my ears and probably my nose too.

All I ask is that people think about what they are going to say before they say anything. It was such an offensive question and Jo Cases was very diplomatic in her answer. I don’t think that reporter would have lasted very long if she was in a room full of parents who’s lives are touched by Autism, she would have been eaten alive!

Autism is a tricky thing to understand, not just for people in general but also for the person who has Autism, the parents, their families and friends.

Madison is always changing, just as you think you’re finally getting her, she grows up a little bit more. So with that come changes. Adam and I need to adjust to these changes and be able to fully understand our Madison so we can make her life an enjoyable one.

Madison is 7 & at her favourite place, Movie World 2010

Sometimes it can feel like you are starting all over again, a lot of the time though they are changes for the better. You do get very good at reading people after awhile, which is an awesome skill to have I think. Reading people and being able to understand people is a skill both my girls struggle with.
I think of myself as being an open and flexible person and I am always happy to talk about Autism and Madison to anyone who wants to know. Some families may not and keep things private and to themselves. There has always been a lot of stigma about Autism and that’s why for so many years it has been a subject for behind closed doors. Not now though, thank goodness!

Things have definitely changed over the years since Madison's diagnose, it’s been about 7 years now. For the better too, but there is still so much more that needs to be done.

I think most families out there in the world living with Autism would hope for Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion and Empathy.  I know I do!

One day the people of the world will get it! Till then we just keep doing what we are doing and spread the word.

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